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FS.WordFinder is a PHP word search puzzle. You enter your own words, and set the many options to your liking, and it will create the puzzle automatically. You can use many different styles for your puzzle, or create your own using the style toolkit. The puzzle is printable, or you can play it through your browser. Multiple languages are supported.

FS.WordFinder 3.5.1 released

This version fixes a bug where the user would pick diagonal words but no up and down words, and it would still pick down but not the down-right diagonal direction.

New word list released, 06.17.06

Added four new word lists: MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL teams.

TODO AND IDEA LIST (no particular order)
 - Add some of the features of the Mazesmith style toolkit to this

 - Start converting PHP to Javascript in hopes to have script in
   all Javascript eventually.

 - If someone was looking for a word that began with say letter R the
   hint option could remove like 5 R's from the puzzle.

 - High score table

 - Ability to disable the save game option for puzzles.
Author: Robert Klein (aka wazo00 or brathna, fka bAAGi)

My thanks go out to the following people and websites: